THE FLEET – Our wide network and deep penetration work at the macro and micro levels of the delivery process. Our fleet is on the wheels of new age sophisticated vehicles with the necessary equipment to handle all kinds of product needs. From frozen products to foods that are quick in palatability reduction, we ensure that all your products arrive in-time and in the best condition. Our lorries are chosen to have the best in class and the latest in technology to make sure that our drivers have the best vehicles at their disposal. With real time GPS and order management metrics, we ensure reliability and safety.


QUALITY MANAGEMENT – Since our core philosophy revolves around quality for our clients and consumers we make sure that you get exactly what you expect. We don’t just want to give you what you require but build a relationship with you, therefore our focus is always on fulfilling your quality expectations and experience.  For delivering the best we go through a rigorous process of systematic planning, monitoring and improving our product processes. We define the tools, strategy, policy, objectives, processes and people to define, measure, analyze, improve and control, all which are instruments in our Quality management. We plan, we do, we study and we act in a cyclical manner to provide the best in quality and customer expectation.

Our process involves the following steps which begin in the country of origin with the manufacturer.

  1. Extensive, strict, official controls are carried out right at the port of entry.
  2. These are supplemented by our own controls to confirm the perfect quality of goods.
  3. These undergo a series of controls, for example visual controls.
  4. we see if the products are undamaged and clean
  5. The declaration is checked
  6. do parcels really contain the specified contents?
  7. If  not, the goods do not go out!